Introducing the newest member of our team:
The wide-format Omni Print™ Flatbed Printer:

We are proud to be the only fine art printing company equipped with this latest advancement in printing technology.

  • Print on any surface! Aluminum composite, foamcore, gatorfoam, birch, mdf, acrylic, PVC, glass, mat board, mirror, etc. (up to 1.778″ thick & 4’x8′ ft)
  • Monarch’s very own Omni Print™ Texture ink technology – Print textures up to 3 mm thick!
  •  Abrasion and weather proof ink
  • Record-breaking operation speed—meaning your large-scale quantity projects are printed in record time.
  • Wide color gamut, brilliant vibrancy, consistency, and long life-span.

Omni Print™

With Omni Print™, print any texture (up to 3 mm thick!) with our state-of-the-art flatbed printer. This trademark texture ink technology allows us to replicate the heavy bodied strokes in an oil painting or the distinctly bumpy surface of a basketball.  Customers can also select elements of a digital image that they wish to be texturized or raised- such as a section, object, or color. The result is a dimensional fine art print that captures the look and feel of an original painting. This special formula of archival UV curable ink produce flawless scratch-proof prints that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications!


Flatbed printing offers unique ways to transform your photograph, artwork or graphic image into eye-catching works of printed art


The days of only being able to print on paper and canvas is a thing of the past; With our flatbed printer, we can accommodate an endless variety of materials in a range of sizes and thicknesses (up to 1.77” thick!).

  • We have a selection of solid substrates already in stock that are ready to be cut and printed on at your desired size: Aluminum composite, foamcore, gatorfoam, birch, mdf, plexiglass (acrylic), glass, mat board, mirror, and more.
  • If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we would happily procure it for you.
  • As contract printers, we understand that clients sometimes have unique printing needs. If you wish, we also offer our printing and imaging services on customer-provided substrates that meet our depth and size requirements.


New white ink technology allows us to print on dark substrates and reverse printing on clear substrates.

  • Eye-popping contrast when printing white on colored or dark substrates
  • Printing on transparent material for backlit applications
  • Creating an opaque white background
  • Using white as a spot color

Omni Print ™ Texture Ink

The art of adding textures and embossed effects has never been easier or more impressive!

  • Produce any type of texture up to 3 mm thick
  • Emulate the painterly application of heavy brush strokes of an original painting
  • Replicate the texture and feel of 3-D surfaces like snake skin, a basketball, etc.

Your images shine with a sharp and vivid metallic finish that brings every detail of your image to light

Create naturally vibrant wood prints with a rustic appeal.


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