The Proof is in the Printing!

What is a proof?

A Proof is a miniature hard copy of your image printed onto the media or substrate that you ordered.
At Monarch Digital Studio, It is our goal to ensure that you will be satisfied with your print, so we always print a studio-proof to “test-print” for our own record to make sure the quality and colors are spot-on, matching the digital file.

Why should you order a proof?

A proof is your quality assurance that the final full-size rendering will be exactly what you were expecting.
Unless your monitor is professionally calibrated, the digital image projected on your screen is most likely not true-to-color. Therefore, unexpected colors can present themselves in the printed output of your digital file. So we recommend that you order your own proof so you if your digital files print the way you imagined. 

 We can guarantee that the color you see on the proof is an accurate representation of what is in the digital files and how the color in the final piece will look. If you are unhappy with the printed proof, you have the opportunity to request changes and corrections before the final full-scale print, preventing unwanted and costly surprises.

A proof ensures you get exactly what you bargained for.


We mail you a small version of your image printed to scale (7” inches on the short side) on the media of the final print. In some cases—such as when a questionable file is being enlarged—we also print a to-scale cropped section to make sure there is no pixilation or any other distortions and issues. Based on your feedback, we make any requested changes to the file, then print and mail you a new proof. We do not print the full-size rendering until the proof is client-approved.


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