At Monarch Printing Studio, we focus on fulfilling all of our client’s printing needs via one-on-one service.

We provide you with personal individualized service tailored to your every need. Rather than using the standard cookie-cutter approach provided by most printing companies, we work directly with you to give you control and visibility over all of the options available to you. Personal customer service is our specialty, and it would be our pleasure to speak directly with you for the ordering process. Contact us to get started.


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Do You Have a File
That’s Ready To Print?

You may already have a digital file that you’re ready to send. But are you sure that digital file is print-ready?

Upload: Upload your file if:

  1. You have a formatted and print-ready file and will be placing an order with us, or..
  2. You have already spoken to us and were asked to send the files here, or…
  3. Are requesting a file quality assessment …

Files must be saved in the size that it will be printed and at a resolution of 300dpi (ppi) and saved as a TIFF (or high quality JPG) in RGB format.

Click here for Tips for ensuring the quality of your File.

If so, click here to upload your files via our online uplink:



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