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Our inventory of select décor printing media was designed with you in mind. Proven to stand the test of time, our selection of archival poly-cotton canvas and 100% cotton acid-free papers are cost-effective quality options for your décor and contract printing needs.

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Ensuring Print Perfection

It is highly recommend that if you have access to an original that you wish to be replicated, that it always be scanned to guarantee the best results.

The method of transforming an original into a digital file is an very important step in the printing process. That’s because the quality of the image capturing process impacts the file quality and the quality of your file directly determines the quality of your print. If the file is not premium, than neither will be the print. That’s why it is important to have your original piece professionally scanned, so every detail will be captured and transformed into a high quality file.

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Don’t have access to the original to be scanned? There’s still hope! Our Custom Image Editing Service is a great alternative.
Send us your file and we’ll handle the rest.

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